ITEMS STOLEN FROM HOME OF ALASDAIR FRASER & SALLY ASHCRAFT before Christmas 2018. Please contact with any info. Thanks.

Item Brand Model Description Color
VIOLIN 1 MacKinnon, Duncan 1975 or 1978 made by Duncan MacKinnon, Sauchie, Scotland,~ 1978 (label inside) Yellow-ish varnish
  Yellow varnish, one f-hole has been damaged.  
      Photo of similar violin by same maker attached.  
VIOLIN 2 Antique Italian design no label, Italian, unusually narrow lower bouts, high carved belly,  Brown varnish
      brown varnish   
VIOLIN 3 Antique Italian design nice old Italian back, possibly one piece back,  front is newer Brown Varnish
  maker unknown, no known label; in black case with aluminum trim
Viola  Bow     Fine Viola Bow Brown
BAGPIPES 1 J&R Glen/Henderson shop   Great Highland Bagpipes, in hard case, maker: J&R Glen/Henderson Red plaid
  Gortex bag;  Fraser tartan bag cover Fraser Plaid bag
  African Blackwood chanter and drones
      Practice chanter and reeds also in box  
BAGPIPES 2 Unknown   Great Highland Bagpipes, Maker unknown Green bag
   green bag, with gold braid trim
      in hard dark case  
GUITAR 1 Harmony Archtop Acoustic Vintage guitar, acoustic 6 string,  1960’s era , archtop  w/ f holes “sunburst”  finish
GUITAR 2 Ovation Applause Ovation Applause 6 string, spruce top, molded black plastic back  
COMPUTER 1 Apple POWER MAC G5  POWER MAC G5 Dual Core – aluminum body Silver
COMPUTER 2 Apple iBOOK G4  iBOOK, white iBook 12" G4 1.2GHz SN S/N:UV447489RCQ. White
COMPUTER 3 Apple iMAC iMAC G4 White
MIXING BOARD Mackie CR1604 Mackie 16 Channel Mixing Board Black body
SWORD     Samurai Sword (imitation) Dragon Crossguard Red handle